I'm obsessed with all things online marketing, a total geek when it comes to analytics and I love helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses with SMARTER marketing.

I'm Kerrie!

oh hey  friend

I'm a marketer, mom, dogmom and a total coffee snob

A photographer or something with dogs

Anything on Bravo, ie- Southern Charm 

Lululemon and Starbucks, #starbucksaddicted

Champagne all the way

Sneakers > Bikinis. Am I right?!

Brittney Spears forever

alternate job

Guilty pleasure

take my money

wine / beer

Beach / city

Personal Jam

Dogs + #momlife

Just a few of the things that are prominently featured in my life.


i've been to 30 countries


coffee, coffee and more coffee


Meet Asha and Milan, my beloved black lab mix whose turning 8 this year (gasp) and my sweet boy.
I also have a Goldendoodle puppy named Kennedy!

I fell in love with traveling when i studied abroad in London, during my last semester of college. Some of my faves- Turkey, England, South Korea and Australia.

Up Next? I'm dying to go to Norway and Iceland.

Since moving to Seattle I absolutely love coffee. It's so good here.

Most days you will find me working out of coffee shops in the nordic/hipster area of Seattle called Ballard. 


Love it

Hate it

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs



Sparkling Water

Rainy Days

Boston- it's home

Getting gas


Mayonaise, eww 


High Heels


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hey friend

I love sharing my marketing secrets and helping online businesses grow with SMARTER marketing.


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