Are you looking to significantly increase your revenue, gain visibility online and SELL WITH EASE, then this is for you.

My signature 1:1 4 month coaching program.  This is a high touch program for high achieving entrepreneurs. I will work with YOU and give you all the tools to scale your business, piee by piece.

I will Increase your traffic, leads and customers, so you can make more money for your business.

I'll run an audit on your existing strategies, determine where we can improve and implement new strategies that work! We will work together, one on one and make magic happen.

Say bye bye to all the overwhelm and confusion. Let's learn the secrets of successfully CREATING & LAUNCHING a subscription box business with ease and support from an expert.

This 7 module course is jam packed with everything you need to know to create AND launch a subscription box business in 3 months. I created, scaled and sold a subscription box business. Next round launches end of august!

E-Commerce and Subscription Box Business

This course was designed for entrepreneurs who want to create and launch a subscription box business with ease and support from an expert


I help e-commerce and subscription box businesses go from confused and stagnant to thriving, revenue generating 6 figure businesses

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Lets work together to:

* Increase your visibility online
* Skyrocket your website traffic
* Blow up your customer acquisition
* Fix the existing problems in your marketing
* Discover and integrate the shiny new opportunities



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1:1 Coaching
Marketing Strategy & Scale

90 Minute Intensive

Subscription Box Academy

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Do you have questions, need help fine tuning your strategy or just want more direction on how to get leads, drive traffic and make money for your business, but with a personalized strategy for you.



through strategic and data driven marketing strategies

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Look no further! In our 90 minutes together we will go through everything you need help with to map out a custom strategy for your business.

Sometimes you just need help with 1 thing or 5 things, but speaking with an expert will save you TIME AND MONEY!

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It is very rare to work with someone who is not only intelligent and analytical but also highly creative and passionate

“Kerrie is a Marketing Genius”


CEO: Bobby + Bambis Bakery

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“Every time I look at our wedding album, I'm taken right back to the moments that matter most.”

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